Moving across the country to a new place wasn't all it was cracked up to be. There's a lot of appeal in going somewhere where nobody knows you, where you cans start over, literally be anyone. But this beautiful oasis that I was sure was going to save me has been tainted. And I'm a runner. My latest new drastic life decision has been to join the military. I've spoken with some people, I've taken some test, I have some appointments. I don't know what the military has to offer me but I figured maybe it could teach me something. I figured maybe it could give me a new reason to get out of bed in the morning. But mostly I figured this would be a good way to travel. See all the places I've been wanting to go and from there I can pick what's home. I also figured, if I worked hard enough, I could go back to school. Do better this time. 

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  1. jaageet

    Joining the military is like getting married: a commitment. It will change your whole life going forward. Going back to school is a good opportunity to look forward to. Great option for opening new doors in your life.

    April 04, 2017